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10-Yr-Old Prodigy Seeking To Prove Atheist Stephen Hawking WRONG: “God DOES Exist”

by Will Maule | Hello Christian
William Maillis is on a mission: to prove Atheist Stephen Hawking wrong, and to assert that God DOES exist. Whilst his friends are playing video games and sports, William is focused on his desire to become an astrophysicist. Incredibly, William graduated high school in May of 2016, at the age of 9. He is currently enrolled in community college classes with the plan of attending Carnegie Mellon University this fall, reports FaithIt.

William’s Dad, Peter, said that he was doing addition at 21 months, and he was already writing his own book at age two. When he was five, William read a 209-page geometry textbook in ONE night, and woke up solving complex circumference problems the next morning. He is a genius. 
But his mission is bigger than geometry. The son of a Greek Orthodox Priest, William wants to prove that an outside force is the only thing capable of creating the universe, which means that “God does exist.”
“We’re normal people,” Peter explained. “And he’s a normal kid. You can’t distinguish him from other 10-year-olds. He likes sports, television shows, the computer and video games like everyone else.”
“I tell him, ‘God gave you a gift. The worst thing would be to reject that gift and not use it for the betterment of the world.’”
Whilst Stephen Hawking may assert that science proves God’s extinction, William will not rest until this theory is overturned, and God’s role as creator of the Universe is widely acknowledged in academic scholarship.
“I want to prove to everybody that God does exist,” he declares.
Watch more on this below. 
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Last modified: November 14, 2019