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4 Reasonable Excuses You Can Make to Miss a Date

So you were scheduled to go for a date, but you have decided otherwise and want to miss it. Maybe you agreed to the date without giving it much thought, say you were under influence of alcohol, and you have now come to think that was poor judgment. It could also be that they did something or said things that have made you change your mind about having the date. You could also have realized that you feel nothing for them and there is no need to waste time having a date. No matter the reason for you wanting to miss the date, you can give an excuse to not show up for it.
Here are some reasonable excuses that you can give to skip that date:
Feign sickness
Who wants to have a date with a sick person? Of course, almost no one. You can lie and say that you have a sore throat or you have got a sudden stomachache. You need to avoid giving too many details. You can even text them instead of calling to make them believe that you can hardly talk audibly if you claim you have a sore throat. This is not only a convincing reason, but even one that will elicit their sympathy and make them want to show their considerate nature. That will make them not take offence with your excuse for failing to go for the date.
You need more time
You may have met the person that you are to have a date with online, for example, on one of the dating sites like https://www.happymatches.com/, and after chatting a bit, they requested a date and you agreed to it. You could tell them that it is too soon since you only met recently and you need more time to interact with them to know them better. You could also tell them that you are getting over another relationship and you do not want to involve them in a rebound relationship, so you need more time to figure things out. Such an excuse will show you as considerate of them besides helping you put off the date.
You forgot you had other commitments
What if you say you forgot you had a doctor’s appointment, or had to sit an exam, or attend a job-related function? Well, it may seem absurd to have forgotten such critical things, but who cannot understand that those are things you cannot afford to miss?
You are dating someone else
Sometimes, you may not only want to miss the date, but even end the relationship. At such times, you can tell them that you are already dating someone else and it is almost impossible to have a date with them. You may also tell them that you do not want to have anything going on between you and them. Let them know it is not about them, but it is about you, for instance because you do not want to get into a relationship at that time or you feel they are not your match although they are great.
There are so many excuses that you can give to miss a date. All you need is to be creative, and at the same time, avoid giving an excuse and then doing something that can give you away, like feigning sickness then going out and bumping into the person you lied to. You must also avoid giving excuses to miss one date after another. Otherwise, your date will realize that you are just avoiding it and even find you immature for not being forthright.

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Last modified: November 14, 2019