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4 Ways To Make A Supposedly Loving Relationship To Fail

We all want a loving relationship with our spouses. We aim for a relationship where we consider a comfort place where we go home to, like having someone who understands us wholly and many other good things. This kind of relationship is not that easily achievable, it requires hard work. However, most of the time hard work isn’t enough to achieve a loving relationship. Often times we are clouded with the ideas we have on how a relationship should be and on how a partner should be. As a result, our relationships are greatly challenged.
There are many things that happen in a relationship that makes a supposedly loving relationship to fail. Break-ups, falling out of love, dramatic flare-ups are some of the results we see. Thus, there are issues and attitudes each of these couples acquires that pushes the relationship to crash.

1. One always wanted to win in all arguments and everything else.

In a relationship, there is the one who seemed to be the submissive and the other is more dominant. In this phase, one or both of the couples are seeing the relationship as a game tournament that they have to win on. But not as a couple but as an individual who seeks for self-proclaimed greatness that they are more than their partner and they are the dominant entity who always have the say to everything. It is like continuously searching for an advantage to take a hold of their partner.

2. You do not trust your partner enough.

There are twofold parts of trust. The first one is that you trust your partner enough that no matter what happens he or she will just be by your side and will never lose sight. You trust him or her enough that you are confident he or she will not cheat on you or stop loving you. The second part is losing the trust totally. It is either one of you takes benefit of the trust established in your relationship or did some unpleasant things.

3. You cut the communication between the both of you.

There are times when we choose to just keep our guts up to avoid arguments. Though things are against our will, but if it’s what our partner’s choice, we end up agreeing without placing our thoughts on the table. This may give things an easy way out for the mean time, but in the long run, this will tear away the foundation of your relationship. Small issues turn to bigger one’s as time goes by. It will pile up and you‘ll just have to wait until it explodes right in your face.

4. You don’t listen to your partner

Human as we are, we don’t want to hear someone criticizing our ways, correcting us often and telling us what we to do. If you are in a relationship, often than not, our partners have different views from us regarding life aspects. So expect feedback that might not be nice to hear in your part. However, not listening to things they want to point out may trigger havoc in your relationships.
In fact, there is no step-by-step proven formula to a perfect loving relationship. There is no such thing at the first place. But as they say, if there’s a will, there’s certainly a way to everything. Do your part in building that dream relationship. So, before everything gets too late, move and change the above ways that will eventually cause your relationships to fail.
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Last modified: November 14, 2019