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5 Awesome Cartoon Series But Not Suitable For Kids

Cartoon or animated series are normally designed to entertain kids, but there are a couple of programs in this category that is not suitable for young audiences.
Right down below are the list of 5 most popular cartoon series which are rated to view by adult viewers. It can be due to its content, dialogues, violence and some other factors why these programs are not suitable for all age of audiences.

1. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is known to be the most famous animated series of all time. The long-lived fictional family is still alive on national television until now, for more than 30 years. Eventually this animated series designed for teens to adult viewers due to its explicit scenes and dialogues. Laugh, laugh and laugh, this is the main feature of this animated program, a full comedy show. Nowadays, the program was criticized due to its current formulaic presentation, but little yet they know, having seen the previous episodes and stellar season will educate them how the Simpsons became an institution. Coming from the great creator Matt Groening, the Simpsons was originally an animated sketch for The Tracey Ullman Show in the late 80’s. The Simpsons was first aired on the popular Fox Network, since then, the program received a total of 30 Emmy awards with featured guest voice appearance by numerous movie celebrity, music artist, sports athlete and even some politicians. The Simpsons is also known as the longest-running animated TV Series until now.

2. South Park

For some the program is surreal, for some its disgusting, but for most its funny. The program was about the adventures of four boys from Colorado: Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick. These four boys from the town of South Park regularly face ridiculous events that create a spoof of the hot topics during the whole week. It might be political issues, religion, pop-culture or fleeting fashion trends. The two creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone originally made South Park as a college project in the early 90’s entitled “The Spirit of Christmas.” Obviously, you may notice the costume of the four boys is winter outfit. South Park received massive positive reviews, quickly climbed up the ladder of popularity and even got its full length film. The South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was a released in 1999 worldwide, winning five Emmy awards.

3. The Family Guy

Created by Seth McFarlane, the Family Guy is about the suburban Griffiths family consisting of an inept father, Peter, a plain housewife, mother Lois with their teenage children, Meg and Chris and the youngest, baby Stewie. Stewie happens to a special yet evil genius. Another part of the family is Brian, a talking dog and an aspiring writer. Together, they discover and solve all the unexpected adventures every week. Originally, the Family Guy happens to be a short story of a different character, made by McFarlane during his studies in animation in the 1990’s. The first episode was aired on Fox in January of the year 1999, unfortunately the program was canceled due to low ratings. Fox came up with an idea to release numerous DVD copies of the first 2 season, it gained its popularity, came back to the television series and won 3 Emmy awards in 1 decade. During this time the Family Guy is one of the most popular adult animated series on the Fox Network.

4. Futurama

A story of an ordinary delivery boy named Philip J. Fry where he was accidentally frozen in a cryogenic chamber. After a thousand years, he woke up in the middle of New York City, where the metropolis was then populated by aliens and robots. Eventually Fry was able to survive the worst trouble and found a good job in Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery service company. With the company owner Professor Farnsworth with the help of a couple of friends such Leila the alien and Bender the cynical robot, Fry was able to experience the unpredictable silliness of the 20th century. Matt Groening as the main creator, in the late 1990’s he developed Futurama with the help of David Cohen. Futurama aired its first episode on March 1999 on Fox Network. The program was canceled after four seasons, but then was able to revive its telecast in 2008. Since then Futurama won six Emmy Awards.

5. Afro Samurai

This was first illustrated for manga by Takashi Okazaki as the writer and the illustrator. Afro Samurai was originally published by manga distributor Nou Nou Hau from September 1999 to May 2000. Okazaki was an avid fan of soul and hip-hop music and a taste of American media that he was able to write a story of a Black American Samurai. The story is about a boy who witnessed the death of his father, killed by a male gunslinger named Justice, during is childhood days. Afro technically trained by a mentor and became the best samurai and was able to kill Justice and avenge his father. Afro Samurai is not an ordinary animated cartoon series for all ages, it features a massive violence and gore on every fight scene, an explicit dialogue with a sexual scene not suitable for kids. The animated series features award winning actor Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Afro Samurai.
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