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5 of the Most Expensive Paintings Ever “SOLD”

1. Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?)

Adjusted Price Inflation: $300 A rich collector named Rudolf Staechelin owned this painting. The “Nafea Faa Ipoipo? or When Will You Marry?” was created by Paul Gauguin and known to be the current title holder of the most expensive painting ever sold. It has been confirmed this in 1892 oil painting of two Taihitian women had been sold, but the buyer’s identity was not divulged. Rumors spread that the painting was bought by Qatar in a total price of $300 million, the same buyer of The Card Players painting.

2. The Card Players

Adjusted Price Inflation: $263.1 Qatar, known to be the world’s richest nation was reported as the buyer of Cézanne’s The Card Players painting for more than $250 million in 2011. This painting almost doubles the price of the previous record holder for artwork being sold in an auction. The Card Players painting depicts a pair of Aix-en-Provence farmhands who are engaged in a card game. The masterpiece is part of the 5 series painting created by the famous French painter, Paul Cézanne. The other 4 paintings were believed to be residing in 4 different fine arts institution, 2 paintings are residing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one is at the Courtauld, other one is at the Musée d’Orsay and the last one is residing at the Barnes Foundation.

3. Women of Algiers (Version O)

Adjusted Price Inflation: $179.4 In November 1997, the painting was sold for $31.9 million, as part of the Ganz collection at Christie’s in New York. The Ganz family already owned other 3 versions of the painting and were auctioned at the same time. It has been said that the “Version O” was sold to a Saudi Arabian collector who was living in London during that time. For the second time, the “Version O” was auctioned at Christie’s New York, having some expectation that the painting will be sold for a record setting amount. Christie’s sets the bidding at $140 million, which was set to be the highest pre-sale offer ever placed in an auctioned artwork. Finally, the painting was sold for $179.4 setting up the record for the highest price auctioned artwork. The painting was bought by the former Qatari prime minister, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani.

4. No. 5, 1948

Adjusted Price Inflation: $164.4 The painting was claimed by the New York TImes that it was sold by Geffen Record Label owner, David Geffen, to David Martinez whom is a managing partner of Fintech Advisory. But Martinez insists that that he didn’t purchase the said painting, leaving the truth to be uncovered until this time. During this time the No. 5, 1948 painting is rumored to have sold for a massive price of $164.4 million.

5. Woman III

Adjusted Price Inflation: $161.5 Woman III is an abstract painting made by the painter Willem de Kooning. This painting is known to be one of the series of six paintings by de Kooning, which was created between the years of 1951 and 1953. Woman III was created in the theme of a woman, yeah, just a plain woman. Measuring 68 by 48 and a half inches, Woman III was completed in the late 1953. The painting was sent to the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their collection from the 70’s to 1994. In 1979, the painting was restricted to be viewed in public due to the strict rules set by the government because of the painting’s visual arts. The painting was traded to David Geffen by Thomas Amman Fire Arts for a 16th Century Persian Manuscript, until it was sold to billionaire Steven A. Cohen for $137.5 million and was recorded as the most expensive painting ever sold during 2006.
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