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7 Brutal Truths About Life That Are Difficult to Accept But You’ll Benefit a Lot If You Do

I think we can all agree that avoidance is one of the main reasons for suffering in life.
Sometimes it’s really difficult to accept life’s harshest lessons. And yet it’s something that we must do.
Because in the end, it’s these lessons that ultimately make life worth living.
So below, I’ve gone through 7 powerful truths about life that may be hard to admit, but you’ll benefit a lot if you do.
1) You won’t find happiness anywhere but inside yourself

You’ll never be happy if you rely on a relationship, vacation, a job, or money to make you happy. As the great Buddha said “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”
The truth is, we don’t have control with what happens to us, but we do have control over our perspective about what happens to us.
Each and every day we are all facing a battle inside our minds. If you’re feeling negative and defeated in your thoughts, then you’ve already lost. Try to be reasonably positive and optimistic. It will make a huge difference with how you’re feeling throughout the day.
2) Anything good has costs

Let’s be honest, most of us want the reward without the risk. The shine without the grind. But you can’t reach your ultimate destination without a journey. You have to invest your time and energy into where you’re going.
When you’re trying to figure out what your purpose in life is, instead of asking yourself what you’re passionate about it, ask yourself this question: “What is worth suffering for?” This question will give you the clarity for what is ultimately worth fighting for.
3) You’ll never have everything you want

We all have desires. It’s human nature. However, according to Buddha, desires and attachment are what lead to suffering.
Because you’re attaching yourself to a fixed outcome when the Universe is constantly changing. For example, you think that you’ll be happy when you buy that new iPhone, but the joy experienced is only a partial feeling, and before you know it, change has occurred and you’re back to desiring again.
If you rely on outside attachments to make you happy, you’ll be left disappointed. You’ll never have everything you want. Happiness can only come from inside.
So the question is…
How can you get rid of desires and attachments?
You’ll never get rid of desires completely but can you limit them. Whenever you encounter something that you want, ask yourself: “Do I really need this, or do I just kinda want it?”
Fight for what you truly need and let go of what you don’t.
4) You don’t have to take you mind all that seriously

Thoughts come and go all the time. It’s natural. Suffering occurs when we attach ourselves to our thoughts. The reality is, our thoughts don’t really mean anything and they’re not who we are. When you take a step and observe your thoughts from a distance, you realize that if you’re observing them, then they can’t be you. Eckhart Tolle sums this up best:
“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? 
The one who sees that.”
5) Not everyone will be truthworthy

Eventually we all suffer because of someone. Whether it’s do with relationships or work, not everyone will be reliable. This just underscores the benefit of building real relationships that are meaningful. And the only way to do that is to be truthworthy yourself.
6) No one will ever able to make you feel loved unless you love yourself

If you don’t accept who you are and love yourself, then you’re not putting your best foot forward. You’ll always be second guessing yourself and believing that you don’t have what it takes. However, if you want to achieve inner peace, you need to love yourself.
And the truth is, nobody will be able to make you accept yourself. It has to come from you.
7) We will eventually become old and unattractive to society

We will all get old. We can’t control that. However what we can control is how we respond to it. If we get down when society no longer sees us as attractive then it’s our own fault. True beauty lies inside, and the more we realize that, the happier we’ll be.
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