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BANANA SCULPTURE -Eat it or keep it

Like many other fruits, Bananas are a fleeting treat. But
when they are left out for a long time, it will become brown and turn. But for
this Japanese artist, this time limits seem to be the right material for his incredible
Bart Simpson, banana-ized. KEISUKE YAMADA
Based in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Keisuke an electrician and
during the day spend his spare time as a banana sculptor. He started sculpting
bananas in 2001 as a solution to kill the spare boring time.

An elephant carving. KEISUKE YAMADA

Yamada spend about an hour to make one banana sculpture, and
on a good day, he made nine sculptures in 15 hrs. All his tools are everyday
household items: a toothpick and a spoon.

Look, it’s a fire-breathing banana dragon! KEISUKE YAMADA

Horsin’ around. KEISUKE YAMADA

Minion in banana form. KEISUKE YAMADA

Gone fishing, going bananas. KEISUKE YAMADA

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Last modified: November 14, 2019