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Pencil versus Camera – Creative work by Ben Heine

Artist Ben Heine is one of a kind. His concept “Pencil vs
Camera” has caught many attention and it is viral.

Based in Belgian, Ben showed signs of becoming a great
artist from his early ages. At the age 10 he was taking photos and drawing
them. As a result of years of explorations on
his artistic evolution the “Pencil vs Projects” was born. The initial
idea came while he was watching television and writing a letter at the same

my letter before putting it in the envelope, I saw in transparency the
television behind the paper. I then realized it would be great to make
something similar in a single image showing 2 different actions. I went outside
and Drew “Pencil Vs
Camera 1″ which is very simple and shows 2 chairs with a small table. About ¼
of the scene is represented on the paper, the other ¾ happens on the photo.
 So this is roughly how the project started. In my other “Pencil
Vs Camera

images, I tried to introduce weird elements on the paper (such
as dinosaurs, ufo’s, double pair of eyes…) to contrast with the realism of the

Websites: benheine.com flickr 

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Last modified: November 25, 2019