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Relationship Test: 5 Reasons He is For Keeps

Loving someone is a great feeling but being loved back is another thing. Most women dream of love ever after while men are more practical about the matter. Either way, both desires love, only in different languages. For women, how will you know that the person you have right now is willing to learn your language to understand the kind of love you deserve? Does he have the quality that makes your dream love to become a reality?
To help you find out and keep yourself at ease, here are five reasons to see if he is for keeps.

1. He loves the other side of you. The darker, the unwanted side of you.

Not all women wear that inevitable confidence super models acquire. Many would agree that there exist the dorky and awkward you. No matter how hard you try to hide it, naturally it will eventually come out. It is a very good feeling knowing that even if he has seen this side of you he still finds you irresistible. With him around you don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not.

2. He is like a character in a movie made real, but even better.

We always have that movie character that we adore and how we wish to pick them out of the TV screens. Gladly, real men exist, and they are way better than those who are locked in 4 cornered TV screen. Only that they are very realistically imperfectly perfect. Admit it, if your man is not the cheesy wheezy type but has pull out all the courage to sing you a song or pop up a surprise, it will only turn out funny but definitely very sweet! No man is perfect like those character portrayed in the movies. And beyond his imperfection he still makes you smile and laugh hard; bet you have the man for keeps.

3. He knows when to say sorry.

Life and relationships are not all about butterflies and candies. It accompanies some tears and storm. When these times keep knocking on your doors, you will know if you have the right man if he never leaves your side. He may be at some point but only temporary. If it is his fault, he will never have a second thought to say sorry to you. He will try to fix it even how complicated it could be just to show you how much you mean to him.

4. He trusts you more than anything, and on anything.

Trust is one of the foundations of a good everlasting relationship. Without it, I don’t know what kind of relationship one would have. There is no better man than a man who trusts his woman on anything. Trust does not only evolve on trusting your partner that she would not cheat nor unloved you anytime soon. But it is giving trust, the confidence to your partner that she can do things even without you. That she can be herself and prove the world that she isn’t just a woman beside a man. She is more than that, and her man isn’t afraid to support her all the way and show her to the world.

5. He is real when he’s with you.

If you can be with him around in your pajamas and messy hair, it is right that he can too. It feels good to have a man who isn’t afraid to be himself when he is with you. He doesn’t act differently in front of your parents or friends just to make them like him. If you see through the years that he is still that man you fell in love with years ago and that he will be like that for the years to come, never let him go.
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Last modified: November 14, 2019