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Voluptuous Woman Who is Being Paid to Eat Online

In most places, people tend to pay for foods what you want to get from the restaurants by ordering and eating. But in South Korea, people pay for a certain person to watch her eat delightful food on the table, offering you food live from her camera. It is not how you think that it’s disturbing or gore, but it is very appetizing that it makes you want to go to buy a food and eat with her. A lot of people from all around the world stunned by this woman when they found out that you get to earn with foods and all you have to do is to sit, relax, and eat F-O-O-D.
“Muk-Bang”, this is a language in Korea, where the translation is “eating broadcast”. This is the latest trend in Korea that amazes many people to watch a woman who is eating, online. And yes, from the title you just read, she is getting paid to just eat over the internet. The cost of her eating them all while you watch? Roughly $9,000 and more per month and spends $3,000 per month by buying foods for her show that lasts six to seven hours per night. And you don’t believe what this woman looks like, she’s a petite and beautiful Korean (Park Seo-Yeon a.k.a The Diva) who left the job of being a consultant for the idea to eat, just eat, and eat, and eat. However, this unique job only operates within the South Korea, where people who watches her eating, are paying to ask how to eat it, when to eat it and what to eat. This includes chatting with others as well to accommodate more viewers and more money for her.
The Diva said that she is very thankful for her fans, because without them, the show would be useless. Many fans cheer her up as she eats the food, that also give her more confidence to eat more while staying pretty over the camera. The Diva also values the patients at the hospital who watches her, because in the hospital, they only have access to food network which also inspires them to eat while watching her eating. The age of her viewers is between 60 to 40, where most of the audiences are women. One of the Diva’s viewers got anorexia by just watching her eat. She is being paid by a token virtually which can be converted to cash.
All payments by the viewers is voluntary as the channels who has the show can watch it for free, since it’s drawing lots of attention to her channel.
The Diva started her channel in 2014, when she was showing numerous contents from dancing, singing, to activities outdoors. But what draws reactions from her fans was actually her love of eating. The phenomenon went in the first place by the host Afreeca TV which has viewers of 78.5% of the whole population of smartphones and millions of people riding the Subway of Seoul every day. Anywhere as long as it has a WiFi capability, you would be able to watch it for free.
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Last modified: November 14, 2019