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Ways to fix Google sync issue

Often we face the problem of syncing in our Gmail account. When we try to sync, a pop up appears saying ‘Sync is currently experiencing problems.

It will be back shortly’. In most cases this error resolves automatically after a few minutes. But if you see Gmail sync experiencing problems frequently then these are a few ways you can try to fix this issue.

1. Auto-sync

Make sure that your Auto-sync is turned on. This will sync your apps and contacts automatically. To check this, go to ‘Settings’ option. Open ‘Accounts’ option. Now click on ‘More’ and check there if your auto sync is on.

2. Sync manually

You can also try to sync manually to fix Google sync experiencing problems issue. To sync your account manually open ‘Settings’ icon. Select ‘Accounts’ option. Now click your Goggle account. Open ‘Account sync’ option and then click on ‘More’. Select the ‘Sync now’ option. See if your account is syncing.

3. Re-add your account

You can also remove your Gmail account from your phone and then re-add it. This will solve minor glitches that might be preventing the account form syncing.

4. Internet connection

Make sure you have an active internet connection. Sometimes our internet is turned on but it does not work. To check if your internet is working, try to load any page on Google. If it loads then you have active internet connectivity otherwise wait for your internet to connect.

5. Update system

Sometimes updating our system can also fix few errors. See if you have an updated version, if not, then update your system and then try to sync your account.

6. Clear cache

Another way to fix the syncing issue is to clear your device’s cache. Many unwanted cache prevents the app from working properly and also creates issues. To avoid this you can clear the cache by going to the settings option of your phone.

Article by Steve Smith Junior

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Last modified: November 14, 2019