Your vagina is one of the toughest parts of your body, yet it’s also very delicate. Although it mostly takes care of itself, problems can sometimes arise that can be uncomfortable or painful. This is especially true in the case of certain activities.
Here are five things that make your vagina sad.
5 Things That Make Your Vagina Sad
1- Bicycle Seats
You love feeling the wind through your hair, but your vagina is less than thrilled. Sitting on a bicycle seat that is too hard or narrow compresses nerves and pinches off blood circulation to the vaginal area. This can result in numbness, tingling, and over time, a reduction in sensation that could kill your sex life. These effects are the worst for women who ride bikes with handlebars that sit lower than the seat.
2- Fruits and Veggies
Does walking through the store’s produce aisle give you ideas? While cucumbers and other suggestively-shaped fruits and veggies seem like a kinky addition to a fun night, it’s not recommended. These things harbor bacteria, even if they’re organic. When that bacteria is introduced into the delicate ecosystem of your vagina, it could cause an infection called bacterial vaginosis.
3- Dirty Underwear
Dirty produce isn’t the only thing that can give you a nasty infection down below. So can wearing dirty underthings. Fabric traps sweat and vaginal discharge, which makes an ideal breeding ground for germs and fungi. If left in prolonged contact with your genital area, you could wind up with a yeast infection. After you work out, always shower and change right away to avoid this.
4- Piercings
Vaginal piercings aren’t just painful. They’re also a health concern. This skin here is alive with bacteria that are normally harmless. However, once they enter a wound, like the one caused by a piercing, they can result a serious infection. What’s more, it’s very difficult to keep the vaginal area clean enough to prevent complications from the piercing.


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