A Strong Person Would Rather Be Alone Than With An Asshole
Dating can be either extremely complex or simply one of the most amazing nights that you’ve ever had with someone else.
However, there will always be those occasions where you are flooded with nothing but a bunch of jerks who want to take you for granted and show no true desire in getting to know you more other than just getting you naked.
This can happen to both men and women there is no denying that we all have our fair share of horrible dates and even sometimes like to have the worst date stories we talk about at work with our coworkers.
Of course, you do not have to be in a relationship anyways in order to be happy with yourself but it’s also really nice to have someone else who is on the same page as us as well as wanting to actually spend time with you and doing all the things that you both have in common.
Regardless, this does not mean that you need to settle down with some kind of jerk in order to be happy.
There may seem like there is absolutely no one else that is going to be willing to want to date you but giving into someone who is going to treat you like dirt is the opposite of what you want for your mental stability.
Avoid these kinds of people to the best of your abilities, it’s important that you demonstrate to others that you are not just some easy person that is willing to settle for just about anything that comes your way but that you carry a lot of pride for yourself and that you expect the other person to respect your preferences, how comfortable you are, and your overall happiness.
This is the thing that you need to keep in mind is your happiness, the more you are able to exude that kind of feeling to the people around you the more you will be able to find someone that has a lot in common with you as well as feeling the exact same way as you do.
Often times people forget this part about themselves and fall to pieces because they think there will be no else that will be able to share their happiness with them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, again, you can be happy and not be in a relationship at the same time.
What matters most is that you focus on your personal goals especially when it comes to dating, because you do not want to waste the other persons time as well as wasting your own time on people you thought would be worthy enough to maybe have a drink with.
Just to reiterate, dating can either be extremely complex or amazing, it’s all dependent on your perspective as well as how the other person is treating you.
So the next time you decide to go out with someone, hold your head high, stick to what you know, be yourself, and more importantly do not let others stomp all over your happiness.
You deserve the world when it comes to finding someone you want to share your life with and settling down with a jerk will have the opposite effect.
Even if you’re a little disappointed with the way things are going, just remember that there are literally billions of other people out in the world who are bound to love you for who you are.
Sure, this may seem like an old saying to tell yourself but it’s more than true. Just because this one person, this one jerk doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the exact same way. Keep moving forward and never stop being happy with what you do/who you are.


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