Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately
The doctors advise parents to stop feeding their children with hot dogs. This food is favorite among Americans. The hot dogs are often present in our meals, especially for festivals.
Around 155 million hot dogs are eaten on every 4th of July in America. That is a huge amount.
One new research, discovered that the children who eat more than a dozen hot dogs in only one month are 9 times more likely to get leukemia.
Moreover, the pregnant women who eat 1 hot dog weekly are more likely to have a baby who will get a brain tumor.
Also, if the father has eaten so many hot dogs before conceiving a baby, can cause a cancer to his baby too.
The causer is nitrite additive.
The nitrite additives are added to the hot dogs, usually with purpose to fight with botulism.
The amines and nitrates are combined through the cooking of the hot dogs. The amines are present in the meat natural to for the N-nitro too, and it is also a cancer causer.
So, you should limit the consumption of hot dogs or use better option of hot dogs made with nitrite-free meats.


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