Obama, Trump, Biden

Of the two former and current presidents, BARACK H. OBAMA and DONALD J. TRUMP, the vast majority preferred OBAMA. The main reasons for this can be stated,

  • Holding an umbrella to Obama’s wife
  • Going after Obama’s wife.
  • Obama’s children working in restaurants.
  • Obama puts a fallen soldier’s helmet back on his head.
  • Obama shakes hands with a security guard near the gate before boarding a helicopter.
  • Putting high-five on a White House employee.
  • Obama eats an apple from a shop…  (etc.)

But no one sees this, than OBAMA as a unique leader

  • The crime of destroying the country of LIBYA, killing tens of thousands of innocent people and inflicting innumerable casualties on hundreds of thousands of people and making the peaceful country a single battleground is not seen.
  • Not realizing that it was Obama who created and trained terrorists in the prosperous and peaceful country of Syria and directed them to wage war against the legitimate government at gunpoint.
  • Obama is not seen as the pioneer in creating the greatest barbaric terrorist organization, ISIS.
  • Can you count the number of innocent people who died during the Obama administration?
  • Is it possible to calculate the number of bombs that exploded around the world during the Obama administration?
  • Can you calculate the amount of resources destroyed during the Obama administration?
    The great hurricane called the Arab Spring has destabilized a large number of states, overthrown or assassinated heads of state and caused great bloodshed.

How much else is there…? But it is the ignorance and disguise of a person to capture the utterly empty personalities created by the media without seeing any of this and make a murderous terrorist a deadly leader…

Trump’s term is another few months.

  • No country was invaded in four years.
  • Did not obey Europe.
  • Did not favor England.
  • CNN and other media outlets were not under control.
  • He did not bother foreign countries with human rights.
  • Worked to break Chinese dominance in his country, which was spreading like a cancer around the world. Does.
  • Says straight what needs to be said.
  • Simply important to him is America. Otherwise #Americas for Americans.
  • It doesn’t matter if he wins or not

I do not care about the good of OBAMA. I do not care about the bad of TRUMP. The reason is that what matters to us is how their administration affects the world. So my wish is to see TRUPM become President again.


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