Screen Time Isn’t All Bad: Ways to Stimulate Your Brain on the Internet

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When a group of adults were surveyed in the UK, 38% of participants openly admitted to spending more time than they would like looking at...

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Did you know – 5 – The President who lived in a hotel

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John Adams, The second President of the United State of America had to live in a hotel because the White House was not finished. He became...

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IS YOUR PERFUME BORING? Here is a solution

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Have you noticed that perfumes seem a little boring lately? Does it look like the big firms are re-releasing another copy of last year’s...

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4 Reasonable Excuses You Can Make to Miss a Date

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So you were scheduled to go for a date, but you have decided otherwise and want to miss it. Maybe you agreed to the date without giving it...

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15 Facts about Dreams you never knew

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    We all dream. It is one of the most mysterious and exciting experience in human our lives. Dreaming is also a popular subject among...

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Pencil versus Camera – Creative work by Ben Heine

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Artist Ben Heine is one of a kind. His concept “Pencil vs Camera” has caught many attention and it is viral. Based in Belgian, Ben...

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